Банкетный зал ул. Калинина, 195
Ресторан «Мельница» ул. Калинина, 9

тел.:8 423 227 35 47

“Now that people are condemned to eat forever, then what they eat must be delectable” A.Brili-Savereun.

No one could have said it better than the famous French Chef. What we eat must be really good, delicious. Courses, which are served in the “Melnitsa” restaurant are really professionally cooked and home-made delicious.

The restaurant building is surrounded by greenery and flowers, which makes its yard very cozy. But the biggest advantage of our restaurant is its cuisine.

Guests of the restaurant are to choose one of the following types of cuisine:

• Russian cuisine

• European cuisine

• Fusion cuisine

 Also we serve awesome breakfasts – best rice with milk to our original recipe and hit meals such as grilled lamb loin with vegetables, sea rolls (scallops wrapped in bacon), pork knuckle baked with garlic and spices, several kinds of borsch and for desert you will be served the smoothest pancakes, which are also presented in several types on our menu! For your convenience, we have posted the menu on our website and you can watch it right now!

There is never-endingly – popular home-style set menu, affordable in price and delicious, available on our menu. Hearty and delicious meal for you daily from 12.00 to 16.00.

You will find updated news on set menus posted daily on the restaurant website.

 One of our most peculiar meals is PIZZA. At the “Melnitsa” restaurant you will get the opportunity to taste the real pizza, cooked to the original l Italian recipe, with the usage of modern equipment, brought from Italy.

In our restaurant you can choose meals according to your mood and situation, be it a business lunch a friendly get-together , a family dinner in a warm atmosphere , a celebration of the momentous event or conventional visiting t of the restaurant. Anyway, you will feel comfortable and relaxed, remembering the time spent at our restaurant, slightly smiling.

We would like to share our story with you. Our restaurant was opened on February 14, 2004, the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day. And many couples who had met at “Melnitsa” later celebrated their weddings at us. And we can be proud of the fact that on February 14, 2014, these couples return to our restaurant again to celebrate their anniversaries.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting us!